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New Social Robot Introduced In Singapore

Another social robot has been acquainted with people in general at Nanyang Technological University in Singapore. The robot, called Nadine, was developed by an exploration group at the college. Nadine has dark colored hair and a human-like skin. She can talk and act like a human and she even has …

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Google’s Future is Chrome

The world’s main internet searcher , Google, has built up another working framework called Chrome. It consequently interfaces the client to the web where individuals compose their letters, messages, post their photographs and do numerous different things they would ordinarily do on a work area OS . The advancement of …

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Google PLans Driverless Car

In 2009 Google declared designs to build up a driverless vehicle, a vehicle that can drive without anyone else. After five years the Internet organization has tried the vehicle for a huge number of miles. Sooner rather than later Google intends to assemble 100 such completely robotized vehicles for testing …

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