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Do We Need a New Internet?

Around 20 years back a multi year old understudy from Cornell University built up a product program that spread all through the Internet in hours and obstructed the entire system. From that point forward things have gotten more awful. Web specialists state that the entire net has become so hazardous …

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Distributed computing – Using Software on the Internet

Distributed computing implies utilizing programming that is introduced on the Internet. You can likewise spare your work on another PC rather than the hard drive of your own PC or PC. Music, letters, introductions and different ventures can be put away on mists, information stockpiling territories on mammoth servers on …

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Chess Champion Tries To Make the Game COOL

Alexandra Kosteniuk’s hand shakes a piece as she gets a pawn and moves it to the focal point of the chessboard. After just fourteen moves the game is over with a cool “checkmate”. She is youthful and attractive,a Russian woman of 24 , whom the media call the Kournikova of …

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