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Do We Need a New Internet?

Around 20 years back a multi year old understudy from Cornell University built up a product program that spread all through the Internet in hours and obstructed the entire system. From that point forward things have gotten more awful.

Web specialists state that the entire net has become so hazardous that it is ideal to start from the very beginning once more. No one comprehends what another Internet would resemble however clients would need to surrender their secrecy for more wellbeing. The present Internet may wind up as an awful neighborhood you just wouldn’t go through.

A year ago a product program that presumably originated from a group of hoodlums in Eastern Europe cleared its path through a large portion of Europe’s PC frameworks, harming an emergency clinic’s system in England just as the PCs in France’s Ministry of Defense.

Conficker, as the program is called, stays a ticking time bomb. Despite everything it is ground-breaking enough to control immense areas of the Internet by sending programs that make PCs think they have an antivirus insurance yet really don’t.

At the point when the Internet was developed a couple of decades back, no one truly thought about security. The fundamental point was to interface PC arranges over significant stretches. Despite the fact that significant programming firms , including Microsoft have been placing billions into making PCs and the Internet more secure, security has really gotten more regrettable.

That is the reason analysts at Stanford University are chipping away at a totally different Internet, with the emphasis on security. They are attempting to create another arrangement of little projects that we don’t have today and which will improve security. It will likewise allow the police to follow digital hoodlums in a progressively powerful manner. It will likewise distinguish every client, with the goal that crooks and digital programmers can’t conceal some place on the planet.

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