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Chess Champion Tries To Make the Game COOL

Alexandra Kosteniuk’s hand shakes a piece as she gets a pawn and moves it to the focal point of the chessboard. After just fourteen moves the game is over with a cool “checkmate”.

She is youthful and attractive,a Russian woman of 24 , whom the media call the Kournikova of Tennis. She doesn’t care for this name in light of the fact that not at all like the Russian tennis star, who has never one a solitary competition, Kosteniuk is the present female World Champion. Up to now, she has done everything right – being an ace at 8 and a grandmaster at 14.

Be that as it may, as Kournikova, Kosteniuk realizes that she is pretty and utilizes her excellence to make her game well known everywhere throughout the world. She has been on fronts of design magazines and has contracts with Russian hardware firms and cell phone organizations. She additionally showcases a PC chess game called “Alexandra the Great”.

By doing this she needs to give chess a superior picture openly than it currently has. “Eveyone thinks chess is exhausting” she says . “It’s not just a game for fat elderly people men in dull suits. What’s more, on the off chance that you tell the world there are likewise some alluring young ladies out there playing chess, the game may get more consideration!”.

Alexandra-Kosteniuk-at Bled

Conceived in Perm, Russia she figured out how to play the excellent game at five years old. She was just permitted to watch 30 minutes of TV daily and invested the majority of her energy doing different exercises. It was her dad who showed her how to play chess. Following two months he took her to a chess club where she dominated each match she played. National and global competitions followed.

In spite of the fact that her folks and her sister still live in Moscow, Alexandra lives in Key Biscayne Florida, together with her better half and chief Diego Garces and their infant Francesca. The two met at a global competition in Switzerland where Alexandra played twenty adversaries simultaneously.

Being a title holder is trying for the youthful Russian since she ventures a great deal and is frequently tragic when she can’t be at home with her little girl. Playing competitions isn’t so significant for her any more. She invests a great deal of her energy giving talks in schools and showing kids how to play. She fantasies about opening up a chess institute so as to prepare the grandmasters of things to come.

“Alexandra is a good example of the game”, says her dad. “The kids like her since she is unassuming and gets them. It’s rousing when children admire her and state : That’s what I need to be as well!”

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